Q&A Gold Coast Magazine

Q&A Gold Coast Magazine

Florida Magazine Q & A features Leila discussing Vaziri Swim in Gold Coast’s Spring Health Issue.

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Q&A Gold Coast Magazine

Leila Vaziri’s career first took shape in the swimming pool at Coral Springs High School. Now, the world champion and former world record-holder in the 50-meter backstroke is making waves in the fashion industry. We spoke with the celebrity swim coach and swimwear designer who splits her time between South Florida and New York about launching her brand, Vaziri Swim, her spring/summer line and growing up under the sun.

The best thing about growing up in South Florida was…year-round swimming outdoors.

My first memory of swimming was when ….my mom would bring me to the pool with her.

Swimming makes me feel…zen and leaves me with an endorphin high.

My proudest moment as a swimmer was...representing team USA at my first international competition.

Growing up wearing swimsuits, the worst thing about their fit was…too tight, uncomfortable, constricting.

A good swimsuit should be..flattering and versatile.

I started my own swimwear line in 2013 because...I felt I could improve upon what was on the market.

What I enjoy most about my brand is….I’ve created my dream bathing suits.

Something I couldn’t have anticipated about starting my own company has been..how much there is to learn about manufacturing and production.

I wanted my Spring/Summer 2016 line to be….lush, gem-tone one pieces you can rotate into your vacation wardrobe.

When I’m not coaching or running my business I like to…ride my bike along A1A. Coaching and designing are very interactive, so I like quiet downtime.

When I’m in South Florida, my go-to place is…Publix for a sub, the beach and the local pool for a swim.

With the future of the brand people can expect to see….more unique, beautifully designed swimwear pieces.

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