Spring Swim Retreat

Spring Swim Retreat


Thursday to Sunday, dates February 22-25th 2018

This holiday tradition honors the transformative spirit of the season with self practice. This retreat offers one on one swim coaching located in tropical paradise of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The inspiring small group setting invites you to relax, meditate, and practice physical rejuvenation.

In this beautiful outdoor Olympic sized 50 meter pool, you’ll practice peaceful swimming sessions allowing to deepen your knowledge and practice with the water and evolve your understand of your body and its relationship to water.

Daily swim workouts: morning and afternoon sessions offered each day

Daily yoga sessions: 20 minute group sessions before each swim session

Group ocean swims: test your composure and confidence. Weather, surf, and participation determine how many. Pool swims will feel so civilized afterwards.

Personal Video taping: including underwater

Group excursion: exploring the local, either paddle boarding, kayaking, or boating

At a swim retreat, you’re invited to participate in all group sessions throughout the week or rest, read, or enjoy the beach. Open to all ages and abilities, from beginners to experienced swimmers.

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