Flip Turn Tips Video

Flip Turn Tips Video

From the moment I get in the water everything I do I’m conscious of.

I use my flip turn to be athletic and acrobatic.

Tips for a dynamic flip turn

A tightly wound object has the most momentum, I mimic this idea for my flip turn. I tuck my head tight towards my chest, I pull my knees into my chest, and my feet are also pulled tight towards my hips. Head in, knees in , feet in.

Now that I’m tightly wound, lets talk about getting around quick. In my tucked and compact body position, my hands and arms are going to pull and push in little circles by my body’s side to help spin my momentum around.

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So now we’ve got a tucked body position and arms help spinning us around. Lets talk about the third and last part – our feet. As I’m turning in my little body position I’m going to point my toes helping flick and spin my body towards the wall. When I do a flip turn my body is compact, my arms help in the action, so are my feet.

Every motion and moment in the water I’m being conscious.





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