Waterproof ipod + Speaker Review

Waterproof ipod + Speaker Review

Waterproof ipods and headphones previously disappointed in volume and sound clarity.

Recently I tried the E’Nod’s bluetooth waterproof speaker and Apple’s waterproof ipod and headphones. After swimming and jamming for several weeks, here’s my review of both products.

Waterproof ipod + Speaker Review


E’Nod Bluetooth Speaker:

Speaker has to stay with 10 feet distance of streaming bluetooth device. When the device stays within a short distance of its streaming source – the quality is pretty good. The speaker isn’t meant to have underwater sound or be submerged, so it finds most use in the shower or steam room.

Apple ipod and headphones:

This is a Apple Ipod shuffle coated in a waterproof spray. It’s a great clear quality, comes with several earbud sizes. Its small and easy to handle and is now a staple object in my swim bag.




Music + swimming = 🙂




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